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Special uses of the Nomu T18

Your companion in times of need

The smartphone seems to have become an inseparable part of life today. In addition to the leisure and entertainment that it brings to consumers, smartphones can also be extremely beneficial to industries, provide support to workers in the field and aiding them in a variety of functions, roles, and simple/complex operations.

For some workers, the smartphones that they carry around may even be as vital/necessary to their work as a hard hat can be in the construction sector. The smartphone is a component that is part and parcel of their arsenal of equipment and not simply a nice addition. It can help them and the organizations that they work for cut costs and minimize inefficiencies, errors, inconsistencies, and inconveniences.

However, not all phones are created equal and not all are capable of tolerating the diverse range of situations and scenarios that can come up in the world of work, particularly the kinds of work that require precision and effectiveness in extreme conditions, that are physically demanding.

Basically, the types of work that are just too demanding for the fragile, everyday phones that we carry around. In these cases, only the rugged survive. The T18 helps those whose work demands rigorous activity without losing efficiency.

Aside from being virtually indestructible, the T18 touts a remarkable set of highly specialized and useful features and has proven itself in the field. It has been designed and built to be a functional device suitable for use in industries that require personnel to handle difficult and sometimes even dangerous environments.

Here are just some of the real-world scenarios that workers in various industries face and how the T18 makes work easier.

Cut through the noise

Problem: In high-noise environments, regular phones are barely loud enough to be heard without earphones. Inaudible phone speakers can result in inefficiencies, miscommunication, discrepancies in the relaying of information, blunders in execution due to misinterpretation of instructions and more.

This can have a negative impact on operations and when it comes to construction workers/managers, firemen, miners or law enforcement personnel, lives may be on the line.

In the UK, an estimated 300,000 car accidents can be attributed to GPS devices.

Feature: Loud, durable speaker. Other phones’ speakers are either on the sides or the back but the Nomu T18’s speakers are high powered and placed in front.

Use case: The ability to hear instructions from phones or maps clearly while driving, even if the windows are down or even when riding a bike or ebike. Having an efficient GPS or route navigation can be vital to law enforcement and as such, being able to properly obtain information from phone speakers can make a huge difference to their work. You can also use the loudspeaker to carry on speakerphone conversations or Walkie Talkie while driving safely.

Turn your body into a walking camera

Problem: With cases of crime in different countries on an apparent increase, security must not be overlooked. According to Kuala Lumpur police chief, Datuk Mazlan Lazim, “a total of 1,010 cases have been recorded in 2017, compared to 640 cases for the same period last year.”.

Feature: External body cam with picture/record button.

Use case: For police or security or those who confront high-intensity situations, an external body cam can be attached by wire from the T18.

Having to quickly pull out and set up a camera to in order to record vital information in the heat of the moment can be difficult and a good body cam is important for firefighters as well as for security personnel.

See in hard to reach spaces

Problem: In certain work conditions, tight spaces, as well as other areas that might not be reachable or visible, it can be challenging to perform maintainence on certain types of machinery or area. The same situation could apply to search and rescue operations or exploration, mining and excavation.

Feature: Extended Camera on Stick Inspection

Use case: With the T18, workers can attach the phone camera onto a selfie stick for areas that are hard to access. You can use the selfie stick for inspection around corners or deep, dark/small areas which would be otherwise difficult to penetrate.

Safe in and between different temperature environments

Problem: Having a phone explode due to overheating and sudden changes in temperature is a problem that should be confronted by workers as well as businesses. Many phones on the market are very sensitive to temperature changes. This can be very dangerous (and costly). Unfortunately, these types of scenarios can be fairly common in certain industries and work environments like Cold Store Warehouses. The effects of extreme temperatures on workers and their equipment are not confined to extreme heat but can also include extreme cold.

Feature: Temperature adaptability. The T18 has been tested to survive extremely hot and cold environments as well as abrupt changes in temperature such as those that can be found when entering and exiting industrial freezers/cold storage warehouses.

Use case: Truck drivers or those in logistics who are required to attend to moving items may leave their phones in their vehicles for long periods of time. Leaving a vital communication device on the dashboard/inside your vehicle on a hot/sunny day should not be a cause for concern while you are out there doing your job.

Phone + Walkie-talkie (no reception? no problem)

Problem: Up to the minute/instantaneous communication can be vital to those in the field and in mission-critical settings, running out of reception/data should not be an excuse. Efficient two-way communication through walkie-talkies has become a norm and has become greatly accepted as the standard form of field communication within numerous industries.

Feature: UHF/VHF walkie-talkie voice

Use case: The T18’s walkie-talkie voice feature helps your staff share vital information in areas/situations where internet access is not available. It is also highly suitable during emergencies and when dealing with time-sensitive work.

Secure and accessible through belt clip

Problem: Findings show that 90% of people drop their phone at least once a month. When it comes to critical work scenarios, damaging your communication device can lead to issues such as lost time, wasted money and manpower downtime.

Feature: Belt clip- clip to belt. Splint- hand strap

Use case: For quick access to the Nomu T18, use the belt clip or splint. This feature can be especially relevant to security guards/bodyguards who need to be on high alert, delivery personnel who need to check customer’s particulars quickly and medical personnel who make life and death decisions. A portable radio is recommended for firefighters and other workers that function in high-intensity environments where dropping of devices/equipment can be common.

Whether saving lives and responding to disasters or dealing with difficult and critical tasks in demanding work environments, serving the needs of the men and women that help move various industries is the Nomu T18’s speciality.

For specifications and more information, visit the Nomu T18 product page today!

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